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COMMERCIAL DOOR ALARMS These entry level alarms will make sure a courier or customer is never missed again. The sensor will detect a person or something else warm going through the door at the entrance way. In a residential environment, home owners are notified by either a chime or an alarm sound. The notification can be modified to be when the visitor enters the driveway, walkway or approaches the door. In commercial environments, the door alarms can be pressed and used to alert workers that someone is at the door. Belt worn pagers are often the main choice for the workers, when receiving the chime or alarm. That way work can continue like normal and when a courier or customer arrives they will be notified on the pager. There are also plug-in receivers as well that can be used in the event pagers are not wanted nor used. Caregivers are also another job where door alarms come in handy. They can be notified of a patient moving in bed when they are not supposed to, or when they are wandering the halls. This is ideal for patients that have conditions such as Alzheimer’s. All commercial door alarms are made and tested for rigorous and repeated use. CHIMES AND ALARMS The wireless transmitter can be mounted on a wall, door, or any other surface that is needed to alert the place that someone is arriving or around the area. Whether it be at the side, front or back of the building, the alert will be heard in the right place. Small businesses, farms, warehouses and residential homes are just some of the ideal locations for entry level door alarms. Wireless alarms are immediate when someone enters the premise.
Commercial Door Alarms
Rodann Wireless Door Alert System
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